January 2023

I procrastinate. This January was no different from any other, the idea was conceived and not initiated. It took me until February to begin. Tone set.

February 2023

Wednesday 1st, alcohol free – day 1
I drink too much. I have drunk too much for quite some time. The relationship I have with alcohol has varied throughout my life. A subject to revisit.
Somewhere between these dates I thought I should read, a book rather than something on my phone or computer. Had a copy of ‘Neverwhere’, Author’s preferred text by Neil Gaiman.
Monday 13th, caffeine free – day 1
They had run out of my usual coffee in Lidl, so I picked up the decaffeinated instead, while I was at it I purchased some decaffeinated teabags too.
Sunday 18th, climbingthehill.com – day 1
The general idea behind this site is to reflect on some past life events and decisions, attempt some lifestyle improvements and throw in the odd hare-brained scheme too. It may evolve in to something different.
Wednesday 22nd, chocolate free – day 1
I’m in no way religious but I thought I’d give this a go for Lent. Still managing without alcohol or caffeine. Started another book a few days ago, ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osmon.

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